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Established in 2001 the Megarailer and Megarailer 10 models have become popular medium weight multi purpose machines. Evolved from the original Superailer concept with 10-15% additional weight and larger 680mm rail wheels coupled with densely filled chassis and counterweight to give superb stability. The advanced touchscreen graphic display unit gives the driver the confidence to carry out the big lifts knowing the machine will retain the sure footedness that it has become so well known for.

Hydraulic Drive Megarailer

Our popular range of Megarailers are now available with hydraulically driven rail axles. Featuring four wheel drive and benefiting from multidisc fail safe parking brakes in each drive unit.

This latest evolution of machine offers unrivalled drive and dependable stopping on rail.


Some short videos below show demonstrations of the new drive system on a Komatsu PW160 Megarailer.


PW160 On tracking


PW160 Travelling

PW160 Off tracking


Megarailer 10 is available with a dedicated crane arms to optimise lifting capabilities.