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Rexquote led the way in the road-railing of tracked machines. Based on machines such as the Komatsu PC138 and Case CX135, the Rexquote Crawlerailer has revolutionised track renewal and rail maintenance working. Tracked machines have long been a preferred choice in the construction industry because of their lower ground pressure (resulting in less disturbance of soil or ballast) but subsequently lost favour in the rail maintenance industry because of difficulties in getting them to site. With the benefit of hydraulically driven rail axles, these versatile machines are now available to planning teams for all areas of rail maintenance works avoiding the need for costly transportation of equipment to the worksite.

The original 13 tonne digging machine has evolved into heavier versions with enhanced lifting duties. There is also a Gigarailer version and a specialised digging version for Front shovel Excavation complete with a side tipping bucket for ease of material ejection into adjacent wagons.