Featured Products
The Gigarailer
The GigarailerIs Rexquote's most powerful machine range, weighing a formidable 28 tonnes.
The Gigacrain
The GigacranePart of the 'Giga Family' is capable of unrivalled stability when lifting up to 15 tonnes.
The Megarailer
The MegarailerThe Megarailer family are heavy lifting machines which provide superb stability.
Dieci AccessrailerThe brand new Dieci Accessrailer which benefits from a 600kg  capacity and three man extending basket
Demag City CraneCity Cranes are a compact versatile machine for carrying out lifting duties in confined spaces safely and efficiently
Bomag Variocontrol
Bomag RollerThe newly converted Bomag Roller BW213 with vario compaction control is now available
The Megarailer
The CrawlerailerThe Crawlerailer has revolutionised track renewal and rail maintenance work.
Access Railer
AccessrailerThe Genie Z60/34 above forms the foundation of the range we offer.
TrailersOur trailers enable transport of goods and equipment without the need of a costly train.
Associated Products
  • Personnel Transport The Rexquote Personnel Transporter is the safe and efficient solution to the problem of getting personnel to a work site on the rail.
  • Rail Dozers The Rexquote road rail bogie enables the user to travel a laser dozer to an excavation site without the use of a train or flat roll.
  • Design and Build Our well-equipped, state of the art design studio is fully able to find a solution - whatever your company's engineering requirements.
  • Attachments Our Attachment range includes Rail laying thimbles, Ballast regulating brooms, Swivel head brushwood flails and many more.
  • Utility Vehicles The Rexquote TD12 road-rail utility vehicle is available with a range of body options that can be either permanently fixed or demountable.
  • Front End Equipment Our portfolio includes not just road-rail machines, but also specialist attachments, design and build projects.
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